Damita Hale

Welcome to my web page. This is my first time to do a web page.  Please be patient as this will be a work in progress.

I teach T-1 at Poteau Primary.  I am a Poteau native, and I am married, with a son and a daughter.   I graduated from Northeastern State University with a Masters in Education and then I earned a certificate in Early Childhood.  I have taught at Poteau 10 years.  I have also taught Pre-K through 8th grade at other local schools.  The T-1 program is a hands on learning program that is designed to meet the individual needs of students.  I really love teaching the T-1 program.  I feel that the program is such a great advantage for the students we serve.  Thank you for letting me teach your children.

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T-1 Trivia

State objectives for Kindergarten and 1st Grade


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